Friday, November 04, 2005


Three Open Source Projects for the Enterprise...

Enterprises need to seriously consider adopting open source products for usage. Open source shouldn't be limited to products that simply expose source code and originate from the usual suspects at large vendors who pay industry analysts tons of money. Instead the criteria should be based on additional capabilities it affords the enterprise in building valuable working software for the business.

With this thought in mind, I wanted to mention three different open source projects that I am taking a look at and hope others will to. As you are aware, I am big into anything that helps enterprises create service-oriented architectures and one product that makes sense in this space is the MantaRay open source peer to peer messaging suite. You may be thinking why does this matter. The reason is two-fold, first I am disgusted with all the BS in the community around the hype of having an Enterprise Service Bus and believe there are better alternatives to solving the problem. ESB is a pattern not a product and enterprises should treat it as such.

Anyway, MantaRay is simple to install, requires no centralized broker (aka ESB or ORB equivalents) and is JMS compliant. It is simply a better alternative to message passing that full MQ based approaches and definetely better than ESB products on the market today.

The second product that is on my radar is OccamJ. OccamJ is a very fast Java Object Server. Fast to learn, fast to develop, and fast to run. By simply serving Java Objects without the complexity of Corba or the weight of entity beans, OccamJ offers a pure Java alternative for multi-tiered applications. OccamJ is highly scalable and supports multi-processor servers without the headache of clustering. OccamJ supports most major JDO implementations for persistence.

The folks responsible for the EJB specification should be taken out and shot. They are adding unneeded complexity into building enterprise applications. Maybe we need to go back to fundamentals and stick with plain old java objects...

The third and final product that an enterprise should consider is targeted at the folks in the data center. Encourage them to evaluate OpenVPN is a full-featured SSL VPN solution which can accomodate a wide range of configurations, including remote access, site-to-site VPNs, WiFi security, and enterprise-scale remote access solutions with load balancing, failover, and fine-grained access-controls.

I know I have been bad in posting more about worthy open source projects but hope to create several more blog entries on this subject early next week. Stay tuned...

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