Thursday, November 24, 2005


Thoughts on the WISE 2005 Conference

On Monday, I attended the WISE 2005 conference in New York City where I had the opportunity to serve on a panel with industry thought leaders from Fair Isaac, IBM, Metastorm and MValent. There were several outstanding presentations that I wanted to enlighten you on...

There were several topics that were interesting to me. The one presentation that I wish I had the opportunity to go deeper into was on the subject of text mining. Corporations are starting to get very creative in their usage and desire to understand unstructured data. Using a text mining solution can assist them with this problem space. Would love to receive papers from academia on folks working in this space and will assist in applying a corporate view to their research.

I had the opportunity to sit in one presentation on how services could collaborate with each other. The speaker talked with passion and had some pretty good thinking on SOA. He even created an implementation of his idea. I didn't get the opportunity to ask him whether he would consider porting some of his thinking into what is becoming my new favorite enterprise service bus (ESB): ServiceMix. NOTE: I also like Mule but am torn.

Note to myself, need to make sure that Gartner includes both open source projects into their magic quadrants...

Anyway, back to the panel. Since the conference was filled with folks from academia, I of course couldn't miss out on the opportunity to share my own thinking on things they should be spending time researching. It has always bothered me that academia is so excited about the semantic web yet I cannot find a single enterprise architect in a Fortune enterprise that has even spent one iota of time noodling it. This to me indicates a fundamental disconnect between academia and corporate America.

If I were King of all universities and the computer science programs that they host, I would task researchers to start thinking even deeper on the following subject areas:

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