Tuesday, November 15, 2005


More Thoughts on Six Sigma

Last year about this time, I posted in my blog Thoughts on Six Sigma and felt it was time to revisit my original thinking on this topic...

There were essentially two thoughts that I wanted to share. The first was around how Six Sigma related to BPM. The second was around how Six Sigma helps with the human aspects of technology. As far as the first one, I point you to an article written by Kiran Garimella, Chief Architect at GE Healthcare Financial Services.

As you may be aware, the human aspects of technology are very important to me. Six Sigma helps develop leaders in a sustainable way and encourages continous improvement. Sadly, many enterprises haven't figured out that people are its most valuable asset and continue to move jobs to countries where abilities are not on par with our own. When an enterprise adopts six sigma practices it demands on each individual to contribute value to the organization's success and not simply be participants.

Six sigma also encourages a practice that is even rarer in corporate environments is that it asks for feedback and input on solutions from all employees because it acknowledges the value of creative solutions to problems from any and all sources. It breaks the traditional influence model and replaces it with the potential for Strong Technical Leadership.

Finally, six sigma assists in creating a culture that is based on trust. When an enterprise has trust ingrained into its fiber, it will ultimately result in constructive valuable work being delivered of high quality. Like the Agile Manifesto, Six sigma provides teams with the tools they need to succeed, an appropriate level of influence and control, being open and communicating in the human voice.

I wonder if we could get folks from the agile community such as Martin Fowler or Kent Beck to talk about Six Sigma more publicly...

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