Sunday, November 13, 2005


More thoughts on Blogging Etiquette

Many bloggers are full of it when it comes to blogging etiquette. Let me tell you why...

Some bloggers have a big fat ego and think they are blessed with enlightment and powers beyond the rest of us and feel we should praise everything they utter. In reality, many of them are mindless boobheads who have no insight into anything meaningful.

Blogging is a good medium to start a dialog yet many bloggers from university backgrounds tend to be the biggest idiots in the blogosphere as they feel not only their ideas are worthy but must be quoted verbatim as otherwise the purity of their thoughts will become tainted.

For me, I ping other blogs in which I have gained insight and use it as a form of acknowledgement but may not necessarily quote them verbatim in my own entry. One should thing of a trackback as a mechanism that provides a form of acknowledgement. Nothing more, nothing less. This is the real meaning of manners...

There is one topic worth talking about though and that is urinal etiquette. Here is a quote from one blogger that has the proper perspective.

If a man is to enter a standard four urinal bathroom while another man is using one of the end urinals, the first man will usually select the urinal two away from the occupied urinal. Choosing the urinal immediately adjacent to the occupied urinal might be seen as a sexual advance, while choosing the farthest away urinal might be seen as an act of blatant homophobia, or some expression of contempt for the individual already urinating.

My only thought is that he makes it sound as if it is wrong to be homophobic. Any person who believes in God rightfully should be. Religious pundits on both sides of the fence will debate this issue and I could care less about any particular belief whether Catholic, Islam or Judaism. What is crucial is in understanding God's very first commandment (no, it wasn't the ten commandments). He told the planet to be fruitful and multiply. This only occurs when men and women are together and in a loving relationship.

Throw two men together and you don't multiply (except the amount of wrath in pissing off God). Throw a man and woman together who are into one night stands and you may end up with multiply but not fruitful.

Anyway, those who practice blogging etiquette are welcome to continue this discussion and ping my blog. Likewise, those who have convinced themselves that God's laws are secondary to their own beliefs are welcome to also ping my blog. Over time, hopefully they will see the error of their ways. Either way, you need to check out this blog...

While I am linking to other blogs, also check out this one. NOTE: I choose to neither agree nor disagree with the contents. In the meantime, check out the Bloggers Code of Ethics...

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