Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Outsourcing Racism

I have been told a myriad of times that the caste system in India no longer is practiced and that outsourcing firms do not discriminate. Maybe someone could tell me why in my entire career I haven't met a single person that worked for an outsourcing firm that was a Sudras?

My hypothesis states that many of the outsourcing firms in the United States that are India based also discriminate. Sure, many of them may have a figure head that is from another country, but I defy anyone reading this blog to supply hiring statistics of any of these firms and the number of folks they hire that are black, hispanic, native american, etc. If the number of minorities working for outsourcing firms are below the national average, would a reasonable person conclude this feels an aweful lot like discrimination?

The Civil Rights Act of 1991 provides relief in terms of real fines for those who openly discriminate. For all of those American's who lost their jobs to an outsourcing firm, maybe they can't get their job back, but they can level the playing field by pursuing this approach. Maybe these firms should read the EEOC poster several times.

I wonder if those in corporate America who hire outsourcing firms that practice EEOC but don't require if of their outsourcing partners may also be guilty? The EEOC is in charge of administrative and judicial enforcement of the federal civil rights laws and providing compliance education. I wonder what the legal exposure is to enterprises in this fashion? Maybe a lawyer could blog a response.

Other bloggers in the blogosphere have jumped all over Iraq's constitution because it will forever forbid gay marriage but haven't done the same for countries we are friendly with such as India, China, The Philippines and so on. I wonder if folks that support this issue are hypocritical? Here is an interesting link to this subject.

Next week, I will blog about the persecution of Christians in India along with some facts that may change one's perspective. In closing I leave you with an interesting article entitled: India charges Finnish tourist for bathing naked.

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