Monday, October 31, 2005


Enterprise Architecture and Insulting Firms

Was thinking about how many insulting firms back up the school bus and send in kindergartners to do strategy in many large enterprises without much real world hands-on experience. Figured I would do some homework to figure out what happens when they consult to their own organizations...

Here is an interesting article in CFO Magazine of one firm who consults on ERP systems but couldn't get their own ERP system stable...

I have always had the utmost respect for one consulting firm: McKinsey having worked with many folks from this firm during the dot-com days on wingspan bank. I remember talking to one of the partners in a discussion about work / life balance which kinda seemed non-existent. He did mention that you can pick one of the four: Function, Geography, Industry and People. Would love to know if others in the blogosphere know of any ex-McKinsey folks with technical backgrounds that would love to work for a large Fortune 100 enterprise?

McKinsey does something special not done elsewhere. They thrive on the intellectual capital of its people. They do so by making folks feel connected. They have a very strong alumni network that even when one leaves the firm, they are still part of it. Maybe in all reality, this is what enterprise architecture should be all about. Imagine an enterprise where folks leverage each others knowledge...

Many enterprises are struggling with the notion of intellectual property and don't really know how to capitalize on the smarts of the folks within the walls. Maybe they would be well-served by having their enterprise architect's read the latest Economist magazine and the article entitled: A market for ideas.

In my travels, I have noticed that enterprises that truly understand enterprise architecture seem to eschew outsourcing. Maybe they realize that cost savings can never be truly obtained by turning over the keys to folks in other countries and the real work requires coming up with real strategies done by your own employees.

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