Saturday, January 20, 2001


Ways to hire top talent in a down economy...

Many former employees vanish into black holes, flushed from corporate memory and the Outlook email address book. Smart CIOs however have acknowledged that sometimes the best employees to hire are the ones you may have previously fired...

Too many employers failed to consider the importance of institutional knowledge as part of the hiring process. Not only may the candidate have changed through rehabilitation, but also policies at the company under which they were terminated may have been modified or even scrapped. If the issue is that this particular employee didn't get along with a particular supervisor and that supervisor is no longer around, then what other reason should stand in the way of rehiring a former employee?

I am not recommending by any stretch of the imagination that God rehire Satan, but I am saying that there are lots of good people in the marketplace that you already know, who can immediately contribute value without the overhead of a learning curve and in all honestly, you may have regretted letting go in the first place. Instead of letting pride be an impediment to do what is right for the business, now may be the time to seize the opportunity and rehire a few former employees...

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