Tuesday, April 05, 2011


Abusive Employee Relationships

In my travels, I have observed many different forms of racism and bigotry but none so sinister as what I have observed in terms of outsourcing. Corporate HR rules requires people to be cordial so much of the horrific practices aren't verbalized.

Most recently, I observed a person of Indian descent being abused by an American who was senior to this individual. While I probably did a horrific job of providing feedback to this abusive American, it was made clear that I had no interest in any rationalization he could provide. What I struggled to understand with the employee being abused was the fact that he tolerated the abuse and simply decided to let it go so as to not make waves.

I often ask myself how often does this occur and was this just a one-time event? Sadly, I know the answer to this question as I have observed it on more than one occasion. What becomes especially challenging is to report a situation to human resources especially when the abuser is viewed as a proverbial rockstar in the culture. Most human resource departments make it relatively easy to report challenges with regular employees but seek to defend their top performers.

As a person who cares immensely about the human condition and wants the best for all people regardless of their gender or ethnic origin, I have struggled to understand the below questions and hope that others will be able to provide insight:

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