Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Vendor Relationship Management and Federated Identity

I have failed in my efforts of establishing an approach to federation for my industry vertical...

Recently, I asked a question of the identity bloggers such as Kim Cameron, Ashish Jain, Jackson Shaw, Pat Patterson, Shekhar Jha, Nishant Kaushik, Mike Jones, Johannes Ernst, Gerry Gebel on best practices for starting a federation targeted at the P&C insurance vertical and got varying responses but none of them seemed to be fruitful.

The best answer is to not turn someone asking a question into a sales lead nor to point you towards membership in the Liberty Alliance but instead to figure out how to encourage vendors to do their part in enabling federation.

Let's face it, if I have federation capability from say McGovern Software, then what I really need is to be introduced to enterprise architects in the P&C insurance vertical that also have federation capability from other vendors.

Federation by definition doesn't have the NDA constraints, so vendors can't really use this as an excuse. After all, I can't really have a strategy to create a federation while keeping it secret within my enterprise.

So, how can federation grow if vendors want to insulate their clients from knowing about others that also share the same challenges...

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