Sunday, January 18, 2009


Random Thoughts for 2009-01-18

  • Oracle and Sun Microsystems are the two major software vendors that haven't yet joined as a sponsor of OWASP. I wonder if they are shortsighted and think of it as an expense, are sitting back awaiting someone else to spoonfeed them the value proposition or simply haven't figured out that whenever Microsoft beats them to the game, they are seriously in danger of missing an important trend.

  • I was thinking that I have failed in encouraging enterprise architects who read my blog to join Kiva. Could a few of them join just to not make me feel so depressed?

  • I haven't figured out why to do yet about my other blog on George Bush and whether I should shut it down, start a new one focused on Barack Obama or something else.

  • Awhile back, I blogged on How Microsoft is better than Oracle in response to Mark Wilcox but never heard anything back. Did I upset the Oracle crowd with too much honesty?

  • I also asked the question on How come there is no innovation in LDAP and was curious why no one is working towards standards that will allow for integration with XACML and SPML. I would be happy if OpenDS or OpenLDAP communitities figured out more basic things like incorporating referential integrity.

  • I am sorely in need of a new TV. I am probably the only blogger that doesn't have Plasma or LCD. Hell, I don't even have Cable or Satellite. I wonder if anyone in the blogosphere would be generous enough to donate a 32" so I can catch up on House MD reruns.

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