Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Enterprise Architecture: Is 2009 the year of anti-process?

Tim Lawless was quoted as saying: Policies (and processes) make smart people do dumb things...

The savage focus on process is destroying innovation within large enterprises. 2009 is the year where we need to focus on the human aspects of technology and solve for the impeding knowledge crisis. Let's be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that in the history of IT, no process has truly saved the business money. Sure, we can get creative and account for cost avoidance but if we look at IT holistically, it certainly isn't getting cheaper nor more efficient.

So, would you rather restrict smart people from doing smart things or dumb people from doing dumb things? This is not about intelligence quotients nor their ability to even pay attention but rather acknowledging that if folks are effective at their jobs, regardless of whether they are the CIO, an enterprise architect or even a process weenie like Robert McIlree, you really don't need a lot of rules.

So, when will Nick Malik and the Gartner crowd ever do a great service for their end customers and figure out a methodology that will help large enterprises understand when the processes they implement are counter-productive...

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