Saturday, November 08, 2008


My Awesome Job: Enterprise Architect, IBM

I ran across a story of Martine Combes who is an enterprise architect at IBM and how she loves her job. Sadly, Deb Perelman either didn't ask probing questions or IBM media relations censored the responses...

Notice, how they focus on her hobbies and the last book she read which actually has zero to do with work. I guess I can say that I like my own job because my son's teacher feeds homeless midgets in Palestine.

Did you see her latest accomplishment? Within a large company, application architecture tend to be complex, because of the weight of the history and legacy applications that were developed to support a specific process and specific set of offerings. What does this have to do with the price of tea in China? Pretty much every company that is more than a couple of years old has a legacy of technology.

Questions they should have asked include?

1. What makes your boss wonderful?
2. Could you describe not the process used at work, but how it feels?
3. Do you think you have achieved work/life balance?
4. Have you done any volunteer activities with your coworkers that have made a difference in the community you work?
5. Does your employer provide you with time to pursue activities that are of interest to you such as working on open source projects?

For the record, I have positive answers to all these questions. Maybe, they should have interviewed me instead. It would be curious if others could trackback and provide their own answers to those questions...

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