Saturday, October 04, 2008


What is your value to the enterprise?

Working from anywhere (not the same as working from home) and its ability to remove impediments in hiring top talent, increasing morale, saving money and being green is apparent to many, yet many enterprises still don't have programs that allow it for the masses. I figured out that the reason this doesn't happen is in how the enterprise defines value...

It's confusion between input and output. Many people consider their value in being present and "doing" something, rather than the end result of their talents, which can be achieved from anyplace. HR people, in particular, don't have a vast reservoir of business results they can claim, so they are especially sensitive about showing up and being seen.

This reluctance in providing flexible schedules to work from home are accentuated through of managerial malpractices like micromanagement where the activities developed by managerĀ“s subordinates are obsessively overviewed; the possibility of innovate is systematically denied and the communication among co-workers is systematically censured.

Based in the premise that employees are the most valuable asset in current organizations, most of the Fortune 500 companies are developing programs with diverse recreational activities and flexible job schedules where working at home is a possibility to help to their employees in reaching a healthy balance between life and profession, and by this way minimize the risks of having employees suffering from professional burnout.

Having said that, is straightforward the appreciation that for these companies their employees are considered as an valued asset because they have the unique opportunity of enjoying of a supportive workplace environment where their professional development will be systematically encouraged, their expectations will be fulfilled in a supportive workplace environment and additionally, they enjoy the privilege of working in a company, which culture is appreciative to recognize, reward and celebrate timely, the extra-value that a responsible and competent professional may offer to his/her organization.

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