Tuesday, October 21, 2008


What is your definition of marriage?

Words mean things. My personality has always attacked those who twist the meaning of words...

Today's blog isn't going to touch the issue of whether a man forming a union with another man is morally right or wrong. We will however look at some questions that deserve answers.

If the traditional commonly accepted definition of marriage is between a man and a woman and now others want to hijack this definition, who is busy working on a word replacement? Can we agree that the dictionary should have different words to describe the distinction between a man and a man vs a man and a woman?

What I find really confusing is how others are stupid enough to belief that the argument is all about bigotry. As a minority, I want to kidnap and hand out beatdowns for folks who equate their struggle with those of other minorities. I am a big believer in one's freedom of speech. Likewise, I also believe that many need to exercise their right to remain silent. I can't simply wakeup tomorrow and declare that I am Chinese and folks won't truly know my ethnic origin but others can simply shutup and others won't know.

Shouldn't the definition of bigotry include a financial measure of those who from a measurable perspective have had financial arm at the macro level done to them in the past and even current state? I am equally curious why folks are ignoring the biological aspects of the argument. The first commandment whether you are believer in Judaism, Islam or Christianity is to be fruitful and multiply. Besides, society as a whole is built on this principle. If you need proof, simply noodle the Ponzi scheme known as Social Security and note that reproduction is required for our country to sustain itself.

I guess as a society we have managed to allow others to hijack many terms. I was watching the news the other day and noticed how the word Semite has also gotten twisted. It used to describe a person from a region of Africa. Nowadays, I have no clue as to what it really means. On the news, there was a guy of European origin calling a dark-skinned Muslim from Africa anti-semetic.

Maybe, I need to get with the program and get my significant other to call me anti-James McGovern...

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