Friday, September 26, 2008


Enterprise Architecture and Martial Arts

In the past, I have blogged about why Villari's Martial Arts is garbage but didn't propose a better alternative. Today, is when I will share thoughts on an idea I am working on...

By now, if you have read my blogs, you would know that I am savage when it comes to charity focused on improving the lifes of children. Several of my coworkers will be forming a program to work with the local Boys and Girls club to teach martial arts to inner-city children.

We will be starting off with an introduction to several different styles including Tai Chi, Shotokan Karate, Traditional Japanese Jujutsu and Taekwondo. We are targeting kids ages seven to twelve. The kids will receive martial arts lessons twice a week.

We will start with the basics of punching and kicking with lots of focus on mastery of horse stance since this is universal to all styles. I will be teaching the first four forms of Tai Chi. I am working on convincing my significant other that she should teach all the girls, Eagles Claw (the style made famous by Master Pai Mei of the White Lotus Cult) with a finale of my son leading others in Japanese Jujutsu.

Since I am the king of mashups, I figured I could combine this with my love of IT and figure out whether there are any software vendors in the blogosphere that would be interested in making a small contribution of $50 which will go to the purchase of martial arts uniforms for the kids (Japanese Gi's). We are targeting the purchase of twenty of them Of course, vendors are also encouraged to throw in an additional $100 so that we can receive patches of the vendor's logo to be applied to the uniform in which kids will learn to sew on themselves.

When large corporations get involved in community activities, lots of media is sure to follow. If you want to donate, please leave a comment and I will contact you. This is one of the cheapest branding investments a software vendor could make. Besides, the human aspects of technology are just as important...

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