Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Links for 2008-08-26

  • Sanity check: Five things that suck about working in IT
    Jason Hiner pretty much sums up why IT is no longer a profession many desire to be in

  • Tulsa Techfest 2008
    The Tulsa Techfest is a two day conference where you not only get to hear from the best and brightest in IT, but also take care of charity at the same time.

  • Work Life BalanceWhen was the last time you saw somebody acheiving work-life balance?

  • ITIL and SOA
    Todd Biske provides insight into how ITIL can benefit SOA but misses an opportunity to provide even more value. While it is somewhat cliche to talk about continual process improvement, it would be highly valuable to outline what types of feedback do operations types observe that could benefit the software development side of the house.

  • Should you put age or marital status on your Israeli resume?
    I thought this blog posting was intriguing from a variety of perspectives. First, the ability to understand how resumes vary amongst different parts of the planet is something I never really thought about. More fascinating though is whether one should mention marital status which I say is a good thing. As an enterprise architect, If you can't sustain your own marriage, why would a business customer want to have a business relationship with you either. I believe marriage or lack of speaks miles about candidates.

  • Johannes Ernst talks about the OpenID RP Problem
    I wonder if Nishant Kaushik will acknowledge that one of the reasons why there are so few relying parties is the simple fact that Web Access Management vendors such as Oblix, CA Siteminder and so on simply haven't updated their software to support! Of course, when they finally get around to it, they will of course allow their marketing weenies to declare that it is not on the upgrade path but an entirely different SKU ultimately elongating the problem.

  • When the enterprisey battle
    James Robertson, seller of products that the marketplace no longer desires has noted a debate between myself and Robert McIlree. I wonder why he always notes debates but never actually participates in coming up with solutions such as making sure that the OWASP Enterprise Security API also has a Smalltalk equivalent...

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