Thursday, May 08, 2008


Death by Scheduling

I was on Linkedin attempting to figure out what IT executives I knew on my side of town so that I can extend an invite to them for the next OWASP meeting when I ran across a name of a horrific project manager I had worked with in the past...

This project manager loved to kill trees and used to print the Microsoft Project schedule on the big HP color plotter. It looked horrible from an integrity perspective prior to printing and became even worse seeing it on four-foot paper.

I remember the poorly run status meetings where this individual would want to discuss each and every item on the schedule and solicit status. Not being one that tolerates worst practices of CMMi like thinking, I of course had to be the wise guy. The conversation sounded somewhat like:

The moral of the story is that if perception is reality, then the best way to manage perception is to make up stuff that you can honestly remember. Note the arbitrary precision which is a visual cue to me that when I see it in the future, I know I made it up...

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