Friday, February 08, 2008


Yesterday, at work I cried...

Yesterday, me and other leaders had an offsite meeting where we worked on team building and other business-oriented tasks. One of the things we did was to put together bikes that would be given to a local charity. Later in the evening, our Chairman and CEO gave a a heart-warming speech about community and charity. The surprise for the day was that he brought in kids from the local community and we got to see them face to face receive a brand new bike.

It was interesting to learn that the usual facade of strength that we must all put on in a work environment was so easily unveiled by doing a good deed for children. None of my coworkers probably saw my tears as they too were deeply touched. Agile Elephant and other recruiters tend to talk about ways to find top talent in this world of technology, but haven't yet come to realize that one aspect of truly being on top is in not forgeting that we must also pay equal attention to the human aspects of technology in ways that change the daily lifes of those who are less fortunate. Yesterday, I got to see first hand 450 of my peers demonstrate what matters most...

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