Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Links for 2008-02-06

  • How Indian Outsourcing Firms abuse their employees
    Outsourcing firms either coverty or overtly pay their employees less than the prevailing wage. When they are compelled by law to pay properly, this will have a side effect of collapsing of IT outsourcing. Likewise, it would be interesting if folks from India who come to the US were to unionize and get rights for all knowledge workers.

  • Documentum has a security hole
    If Documentum used tools such as Ounce Labs, Coverity or others, these types of problems would be minimized. I wonder how many additional holes were introduced by Fugly DFS?

  • Vidoop hires OpenID Foundation Chair
    If you aren't familiar with Vidoop and their wonderful support for OpenID, you should run to their site and sign up now. It would be intriguing if they were to hook up with folks from Ping Identity and merge

  • What exactly is best practice?
    It is a buzzword that I need to use more often so as to sound like an enterprisey executive.

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