Thursday, February 14, 2008


ECM: When Fugly Architecture becomes a feature...

I am always lobbing grenades at Craig Randall and couldn't resist attacking a recent posting...

I really wonder if folks in the ECM community understand SOA? The notion that a service interface should be language agnostic seems to have been lost. Why would anyone need additional code in the .NET world to talk to a WS-I compliant WSDL unless of course it isn't!

Can someone please acknowledge that if a producer of a service is required to provide libraries to a consumer that there is no magical way of calling this loose coupling? Maybe you should ask yourself, why would a consumer need to have help files if the whole point of WSDL is to make a service self-describing?

I wonder if Apoorv Durga, Dave Robertson, Sumanth Molakala, Bex Huff, Lee Smith, Billy Cripe or Wayne Boerger could tell me what I am missing?

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