Thursday, December 27, 2007


Links for 2007-12-27

  • Gartner: Smell the Bacon
    Gartner discusses Impediments and Drivers of Application Security without realizing that the solution may be to get other Gartner analysts such as Nick to cover security aspects along with their specialization.

  • Full disclosure is dead
    Many software vendors will try to capitalize on the fact that less vulnerabilities will get reported and say it's result of "more secure software"

  • How to break through Checkpoint firewalls
    Interesting read.

  • Viruses for the Mac
    I really hate when Gunnar Peterson and other uber-smart security professionals show up with their fancy Apple laptops when I have to deal with the corporate issued locked-down Windows one. I see an opportunity for revenge.

  • Auditing open source software
    A model for finding vulnerabilities by google.

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