Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Links for 2007-12-26

  • The Hartford CT Chapter of OWASP
    If you reside in the CT/MA/NY area and read this blog, you need to get your butt to this event.

  • 101 Things to Know about Single Signon
    Pretty decent list. Check it out...

  • IT Obsolescence Criteria
    Only if Enterprise Architects were as good retiring applications as they are in procuring new ones. No wonder business folks don't understand our value proposition.

  • The risks of open source focus
    Intriguing post by Alex Fletcher that others should think deeply about.

  • Are you experienced?
    Experienced people are not afraid to be wrong and are not easily flustered.

  • Size is the enemy
    We need to figure out how to write less code. More importantly, we need to figure out how to get commercial software vendors to write less code.

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