Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Links for 2007-12-18

  • Enterprise Software Companies don't own their customers
    Software companies don’t “own” their customers. In the case of Alfresco, any company may already have Documentum, FileNet, Interwoven or Vignette. The reality is that there is only a 5% to 10% penetration of this software – either on a desktop or on the shelf. What is critical is to focus on people and users in companies and not companies as software fiefdoms.

  • Processes or Individuals?
    The next big challenge for the Agile community is to set aside some of its principles for the sake of making a much bigger difference in our development environment

  • The Need for Reference Material
    Todd Biske states Reference materials are a tool in the arsenal and the degree to which they are used is dependent on how you architects work with the end consumer of the reference material which is spot on.

  • LDAP: Liferay Enterprise Portal
    Liferay leads the portal marketplace in terms of innovation. Scott Lee discusses how portals should integrate with directory services and how Liferay makes it easy. Imagine if the BPM vendors such as Pega, Lombardi Software and Intalio took the same approach?

  • The Importance of Business IT alignment
    Managers of businesses need to understand the fundamental features of cooperation if they are to efficiently analyze and restructure their industrial relationship. One should ask if relationship equals alignment?

  • Executive Architect - Open Source
    It is good to see that there is appreciation for architects focusing on open source. I am curious though if this job pay is low or do architects in Europe generally make lower than their US counterparts taking into consideration exchange rates?

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