Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Links for 2007-10-10

  • Why open source communities continue to thrive
    Modern enterprises could learn a lot from the open source community. Nowadays, many strategies employed by enterprise architects are no longer insular in nature and require interaction with folks outside the enterprise.

  • Identity Services is Next
    The folks over at Oracle have a virtual directory product. I wonder if it would make a great security token service?

  • .NET 3.5 and open source
    I really hate the trickery that Microsoft uses to convince others that it is participating in the open source community. Releasing source code doesn't make something open...

  • Oracle 11g Password algorithm revealed
    Kinda interesting how easy it is to crack Oracle passwords. Maybe this begs the question of whether databases should store passwords anyway? I am of the belief that Oracle and IBM should within their products support direct authentication against Active Directory for this type of functionality.

  • The ECM Magic Quadrant
    Folks in the ECM world need to call out Gartner and demand that Nuxeo and Alfresco also appear. Leaving out potential enterprise solutions is simply irresponsible.

  • Accidental Collaboration
    The funny thing about social networking within an enterprise context is that the words roll off the tonque easily but it is difficult to turn it into a sustainable practice.

  • SOA and Security
    Here is some idiot posting in the blogosphere attempting to convince others that using SAML is a trap without providing facts. I suspect that whatever his product does, he is struggling with how to make it secure.

  • Responding to Reader Questions
    Maybe the best way to encourage EA collaboration is to start calling out Enterprise Architects and their otherwise insular nature and get them to appropriate how wrong it is in today's society to not even know the name of a single peer in another enterprise.

  • Decrypting SSL Traffic with Wireshark
    Technologies such as these work only if you can get your hands on the private key which means that protecting them is vital.

  • Becoming a recruitable enterprise architect
    This is a blog post that should be emailed to every recruiter you know.

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