Monday, September 10, 2007


Thoughts on ECM and Community Orientation

Only in Fantasy worlds do folks always agree...

The world of ECM is unlike any other domain that one may run across. It is plagued by a plethora of disconnected products that don't integrate well, no notion of patterns or detailed reference architectures or even a consistent definition for what the ECM even contains. There are no standards specific to ECM, none of the vendors collaborate and yet everyone seems comfortable with this fact.

In a domain where one thinks about content and collaboration all day, one would conclude that participation in the blogosphere would come natural yet this aspect is also missing as only a handful of folks in the world of ECM have even noodled blogging. Periodically, you can find bloggers such as Jesse Wilkins, Brian Huff, Laurence Hart, Apoorv Durga, Sumanth Molakala, John Newton, Cornelia Davis and Alan Pelz-Sharpe sharing their insights but otherwise blogging on thoughts that are disconnected from other bloggers. It has been a curiosity of mines to figure out how they can move from simply using their blogs to write articles to having a conversation with each other that we can all observe.

Of course, this first requires a topic that all folks have some passion around exploring. Whether it is lack of ECM standards, how to integrate ECM products into Enterprise Security architectures or even how ECM should participate in a service oriented architecture (SOA) while avoiding the propagation of horrific WSDL.

Whatever the topic the community lands on, the best thing we can do to help each other is to have honest, open dialogs that others can observe...

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