Friday, July 27, 2007


Links for 2007-07-27

  • BPM and SOA ThinkTank
    Sandy Kemsley discusses a BPM and SOA thinktank that somehow doesn't include actual end-users of products. I find this curious

  • What is hot and what is not in technology
    I wonder if industry analysts disclosing compensation relationships in terms of quadrants would be hot or not?

  • New SAML 2.0 X.500/LDAP Attribute Profile
    Interesting read for security folks. I wonder what if there is any scenario in which CardSpace can leverage?

  • Presentation has its price
    Whenever I read Craig Randall blog, I get the feeling that he should be running for political office. His blog says a lot and says nothing at the same time. Hey Craig, how about discussing potential solutions? If you think that BPM could be a user interface to ECM, then how about suggesting better ways for them to interact?

  • Cambodian Blogger Summit
    I like this notion. In fact, I am thinking about contacting Taran Rampersad to see if he would be interested in organizing one with me in Trinidad over the holidays

  • A New Marketplace greets Documentum d6
    Have you ever seen the research from the folks over at CMSWatch? It is actually of pretty good quality and has more depth than you would find from Gartner or Forrester. It still amazes me that enterprises will spend millions on ECM platforms but won't spend money to get access to the right research

  • ECM Security
    The ECM blogger crowd has went silent on open discussions around the lack of security standards implemented within their products. I wonder if this behavior is good or bad for their customers?

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