Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Links for 2007-07-17

  • Ruby on Rails for Dummies
    Now provide the appropriate punctuation and see how it changes the meaning

  • Give Every Developer a $5K Outsourcing Budget
    Do you know what will happen if you allow developers to buy their own monitors? The productivity of software development will increase at the expense of the helpdesk who will spend all day ranting about having to support PCs with multiple video drivers. I suspect you would find that most managers nowadays have very little in the way of discretionary spending. It is called IT governance.

  • ECM people hate SSO? Not quite...
    Bex Huff provides clarification on usage of SAML within the ECM domain which I find intriguing at some level. He thinks that the cool stuff in the identity management space seems to be OpenID and SXIP which is humorous. I guess one could form this opinion from the blogosphere. I am equally curious how he measures the usage of SAML? I wonder if he did a little homework and if he discovered that over 3/4 of all Fortune enterprises have some form of SAML implementation in production, would his opinion change? I can't even figure if he believes that no one is using Active Directory and therefore all ECM products need to copy their own identity stores instead of binding at runtime?

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