Sunday, July 01, 2007


Links for 2007-07-01

  • The Taxonomy of Conferences
    Are IT conferences too expensive? Which ones do you attend?

  • Links for 2007-01-01
    Ever notice how the folks over at Redmonk even blog on the weekends? I suspect that the folks at Gartner aren't researching how ECM and user-centric identity could work together over the weekend?

  • CIO Promotions at Guardian
    I would rather read about the promotion of Jamie, their Chief Architect into a higher position...

  • Infosys considering CapGemini acquisition
    I feel sorry for all those employees of Cap Gemini. Infosys is large and has great management but no leadership amongst its rank. If you are thinking about quitting in advance of the acquisition (you should) then please do not hesitate to send me your resume. I do believe that Cognizant could be more successful than Infosys at this pursuit

  • Should College Be Free
    Knowledge and education is the key to growth and development in any society. Nobel Laureates and philosophers and great thinkers have always said that society will improve and flourish only if knowledge and education is free and easily available. If India is emerging as an IT hub it’s mainly due to knowledge and education. This education is very expensive in America. University education has become so expensive that other countries like U.K and Australia are wooing students to study in their country. They are less expensive and there are many attractive incentives and benefits.

  • Adding OpenID to Rails
    Have you ever noticed that no one ever talks about adding support for either OpenID and/or Cardspace to Smalltalk? Does this prove that Smalltalk is a second-class citizen? I wonder what it would take to get James Robertson of Cincom to talk about user-centric identity within his product suite?

  • Is Sharepoint ready for Life Sciences?
    George Laszlo comments on Life Sciences heavy usage of Documentum and how they are frustrated with high maintenance costs, poor customer service and low user satisfaction scores. I wonder if he has ever looked into Alfresco which will put down many of the problems he mentioned? I know the likes of Bristol Myers Squibb, Pfizer and Merck have on their radar several concerns regarding security and may be noodling alternative products.

    Anil Saldhana talks about the release of JBoss XACML 2.0 which is huge. This may be an opportunity for John Newton of Alfresco, Ismael Ghalimi of Intalio and Brian Chan of Liferay to incorporate XACML support into their products with little effort and beat out their closed source competitors

  • The Shadow IT Department Drives Enterprise 2.0 Adoption
    Some organizations understand the impact of the new Web 2.0 technologies in an enterprise context (Enterprise 2.0) and try to exploit them to their full potential. Other organizations might realize the potential benefits of these new technologies, but choose not to embrace them since they do not want to deal with the challenges they present to them in terms of security, compliance, etc.

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