Friday, July 27, 2007


How IT Consulting Firms contribute to Global Warming

It seems as if industry analysts have focused on power consumption within data centers as its impact on global warming but haven't had the courage to analyze the impact of consulting firms and how they may even contribute more to global warming than all data centers combined...

Think about all the consultants in the blogosphere who travel Monday through Friday running from airport to airport consuming lots of energy that could otherwise be conserved.

Firms such as McKinsey, Diamond Consultants and E&Y may have their employees make multiple flights throughout the week while others such as Accenture and Bearingpoint do similar practices. How come no one ever calls them on the fact that they might be able to reduce carbon emissions by figuring out ways to work remotely? Is face time always necessary?

Even many industry analyst firms contribute to global warming. I suspect that the folks at RedMonk are probably more energy efficient than folks at Gartner? Not to let my fellow Enterprise Architects off the hook, but we too are guilty as many of us habitually kill lots of trees printing off pretty PowerPoint presentations as a matter of convenience which we bring to meetings of nebulous value...

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