Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Should Enterprise Architects have a Technical Background?

Many of my industry peers do not have a technical background and survive solely on charm and influence. I wonder what would happen if I were to invite them to a code review where I presented my ID-10-T architecture that is useful for building SOA, slicing bread, solving for world hunger, ensuring peace in the Middle East and proving why enterprises sorely need strong technical leadership. Here is some of the code I would like to share:

byte me;
long john_silver;
char broiled;
string vest;
float valve;
double jeopardy;
struct by_lightning { ... };
Object strongly;
class warfare { ... };
String cheese;
Exception taken;
Graphics ex; // XXX
long walk(short pier) { } // from the MrBunny Java book
int elligence;
bool me_over;
short circus;
int eger; // ...completing what the designers of the language left out
char acter;
bool ean;
void* bowels;
class Brick implements Throwable { }
class Marathon implements Runnable { }
class Novel implements Serializable { }
class Human implements Cloneable { }

public MyTestCase(String man) {
throw (fit | up | something);
while (e_coyote) {

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