Thursday, June 14, 2007


Links for 2007-06-14

  • Open Source Business Meme
    Industry Analyst Stephen O'Grady shares three tips on embracing open source business models that others should pay attention to. The only confusing point was in his mention of MySQL which in a purest state of mind is not truly open due to its dual licensing nature.

  • Sun Blogs
    Sun is a great company that provides blog hostin for any Sun employee to write about anything. I wonder when laggards such as BEA and CA will get on the blogging bandwagon in this manner?

  • Enterprise Service Oriented Architectures
    Awhile back, I co-authored a book on XQuery that was licensed under GNU Free Documentation License but haven't kept myself honest in this regard. If I were to convince my publisher to make this available under Creative Commons would folks find this noble or throw daggers? Maybe I should put my money where my mouth is and make a strong commitment. If 50 bloggers trackback to this blog entry, I will ensure this happens by August 1st.

  • EJB Interview Questions
    I wonder if there should be a standard set of questions for interviewing enterprise architects? Can you use Powerpoint, speak in cliche phrases and do lots of hand waving? If so, I appoint you as a certified enterprise architect

  • SOA Patterns BookGood to see that Arnon Rotem-Gal-Oz has cleared the hurdles of Marjan rejecting his manuscript and is making forward progress on this wonderful book

  • Dr Dobbs Architecture & Design World
    In looking at the agenda, this seems like a conference I would not only like to attend but also present. Maybe they will invite me next year to talk about secure coding practices within an enterprise setting

  • The Java Tutorial for the Real World
    Yakov Fain has written an excellent book on Java. Today, I have ordered two copies, one for my five year old son and one for my wife who hasn't written software since the days of Powerbuilder

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