Sunday, June 24, 2007


Lack of ECM Standards and how it hurts many...

Word of Pie commented on Technology Standards for the Enterprise, Getting Too Much Attention and I figured I would deconstruct his position...

I hope that you will consider mentioning it yourself instead of sitting back waiting for others to discuss?

OK, so at least we acknowledge that standards at some level can aid in productivity?

I wonder if this proves my hypothesis that 99.9% of all folks in the ECM domain not only have been asleep at the wheel when it comes to paying attention to advances in software architecture but simply aren't even capable of cloning what has been successful for others before them?

Not sure what to say about this except that not all problems can be solved via Java and therefore standards are required in other courts. How about not duplicating your own identity store and leveraging Active Directory and no I am not talking about authentication, I am talking about binding for profile-oriented information at runtime. How about standards around SOA? How hard would it be to come up with a common WSDL?

I would love to understand your definition of leading? It feels like there are no leaders in this domain. If your definition of leading is to take a sole individual who is mentally retarded, put him in a round room and tell him to find the corner then I say you are spot on.

If you think it is about an upstart company then we are already off to a bad start. I would consider Alfresco an upstart yet they haven't even attempted to champion any form of standards in their domain. They are probably focused more on survival which says that you spend your money on things like sales folks instead of developers working with standards bodies.

Could we at least acknowledge that ECM isn't a standalone domain and that other domains such as CRM, BPM, ESB and ERP may also need to integrate? If a vendor were to stop paying attention to all those little trees and noticed that the forest is quite big, they may have the opportunity to sell even more of their product. Ask yourself, do you believe if Alfreso where the first vendor to have integration with via sforce APIs that they could generate additional buzz which could turn into sales? If Alfresco where to pay attention to security requirements, could they become a strong contender in the enterprise space for e-discovery compliance?

Not to sound hostile, but I am glad that you acknowledged your own responsibility in the need to help start drawing attention for standards in the ECM world. Lets see if we can figure out others who can participate and together we can all be successful...

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