Monday, May 14, 2007


Links for 2007-05-14

  • DHS Privacy Committee Opposes Real ID Bill
    Finally, the Federal Government realizes that one of their undertakings is a bad idea.

  • Is Liberty User-Centric?
    Ben Laurie keeps Paul Madsen and Pat Patterson honest. User centered approaches would include your family doctor, the auto body shop down the street when you crash putting on your makeup driving to work and even the guy who delivers newspapers to your doorstep since the concept of kids doing work is a fading memory. Do these guys get representation in a world of fees that are only affordable by large enterprises?

  • Caching Cards
    Caching is one of the topics that sooner or later arise when you reason about cardspace. It is good to see lots of discussion in the blogosphere regarding cardspace. I wonder if anyone is noodling putting together a book on this topic?

  • Systematic Behavior for Life...
    I feel sorry for Andrew Hanson who wasted a lot of time learning about TOGAF. Well, maybe I should temper this response a little by saying that TOGAF does add value, it is simply overdue for merciless refactoring.

  • Do Industry Analysts Matter?
    Industry analysts are often viewed as a necessary evil, which may not be fair always. But there’s always a question: who paid for their opinion? This author acknowledges that the Redmonk model provides for a level of transparency usually not found in the large guys. I wonder if Jeffrey Walker should familiarize himself with Brenda Michelson of Elemental Links and Alex Fletcher of Entiva Group as well?

  • The OpenJDK Governance Board
    Sun, you managed to choose folks from academia and your own employees. I am curious why you didn't choose to nominate some of your large enterprise customers? Are they second class citizens in your mind?

  • Microsoft says open source violates 235 patents
    It is not entirely clear how Microsoft might proceed in enforcing these patents, but the company has been encouraging large tech companies that depend on Linux to ink patent deals, starting with its controversial pact with Novell last November. Anyway, while enterprisey folks manage to twist themselves up blowing up the phone of their open source vendors today, I will state with passion that Microsoft will never make a move that is anti-community.

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