Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Links for 2007-04-11

In the American tradition of helping others help themselves, now is the time to help the poorest people of the world overcome AIDS and extreme poverty. Please sign the Declaration and make a difference...

  • Iran, Jews and the Holocaust / The beneficent legacy of Persia
    Remember when Iran helped to save Jews during the holocaust? Or when Iran was quick to recognize the state of Israel. Or when Iran took many Kurdish and Afghani refugees in recent years? I thought not. Thanks to James Governor for pointing this out.

  • Open Source Software Adoption Policies - The Reality‚Ķ
    So why aren't IT executives paying more attention to open source? Are they idiots for ignoring economics?

  • Good Conduct for Bloggers
    It seems like the vast majority of the blogosphere think that Tim O'Reilly and his idea for a code of conduct is a bad idea. Add me to the list

  • SOA Adoption - What does it mean?
    A measurement that would be interesting is to ask enterprises how many services do you have that are consumed outside of your enterprise. The numbers would be dramatically lower...

  • Competitive forces and the open source software industry
    Alex Fletcher discusses the near future of open source that all vendors should pay attention to

  • On Process and Practices
    Is the philosophy of continous design lost in the world of outsourcing?

  • Open Source 1997 vs Open Source 2007
    I wonder if the coverage provided by industry analysts in this space has changed significantly

  • Reference Architecture
    I am curious as to why the many Enterprise Architect bloggers such as Todd Biske, Scott Mark, Robert McIlree and others never talk about the notion of reference architecture?

  • .NET Framework 3.5
    It is still missing features that I would love to see. For example, I would love to see Cardspace support attestation, authorization and relationship

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