Monday, January 08, 2007


Decoupling ECM Features

Apoorv Durga of Wipro previously commented on Decoupling ECM features that I thought should be revisited...

I have some questions for Apoorv that I would love to see him respond to in his next blog entry:

Should CMS should control BPM or BPM should control ECM? Doesn't this require that both ECM and BPM products support industry standards to allow them to be embedded? If so, whom do you feel is best positioned to kick off the creation of such standards?

Anything wrong with Subversion or ClearCase? Is this integration dynamic where all historical content is pulled from the version control system in real-time or simply check-in, check-out?

What's wrong with the way portal products integrate with CMS products? If the portal has its own security model separate and distinct from CMS, how should they work together?

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