Sunday, November 05, 2006


Why Enterprise 2.0 is more important than consumer 2.0...

Enterprise 2.0 is more important than consumer 2.0 but you wouldn't know it from conversations occuring in the blogosphere...

Part of the problem with consumer 2.0 and all the folks blogging on it is that they haven't disclosed all of their biases. If you haven't been paying attention, industry analysts who blog on consumer 2.0 do so in hopes of attracting more paying customers, likewise the same thing can be said of the media who wants to increase their ad revenues. Just because consumer 2.0 is hyped, don't make it meaningful.

Maybe the problem is that the word enterprise is abused. Some folks consider the word to refer to size of organization, while others thinks that it refers to a class of software in terms of its ability to scale along a variety of dimensions. Of course, as someone who has been called enterprisey on multiple occasions, I don't subscribe to any of these definitions. The best definition and the one I subscribe to is that the real meaning of enterprise refers to a sales model. If some non-technical guy shows up in a suit ready and willing to do chock-a-block eye candy Powerpoint presentations that lack substance for a solution, then it is enterprise. If the solution simply works and doesn't require talking with sales folks then it isn't enterprise.

Anyway, ever heard of a group named Enterprise Irregulars? Bet you didn't know their mantra is smart thinking for the smart enterprise yet they don't seem to have anyone participating from any traditional enterprise. I wonder what they are afraid of?

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