Thursday, November 16, 2006


Final Thoughts for this month on Ruby on Rails...

An opinion's entertainment value suffers from wear and tear. When you hear something over and over such as Ruby on Rails is not ready for the enterprise, it is likely to become dull. But its truth value does not...

An opinion that was true on its first outing does not become false through overuse. Yet it is a common objection to an opinion - as if it constituted a refutation - that we have heard it all before. Opinions and arguments are dismissed as pedestrian, plodding, obvious, tire and so on.

Such objections might be to the point if we were discussing radio plays or striptease shows, but they are irrelevant when considering the truth of an opinion. The blogger may be shamed into silence but his opinion is not thereby show false.

On the contrary, most truths are apt to become familiar and unexciting. No one thrills to the idea that the earth orbits the sun like they used to. But this new blase attitude has not altered the structure of the solar system. Equally, most fiction is surprising and not in the least dull to read, but it remains fiction for all that.

The best refutations also tend to draw on facts that are tediously obvious. How better can you refute an opinion than by showing it to be inconsistent with something well-known to be true? Are the below fact tediously obvious when it comes to Ruby on Rails?

If you are going to amplify or trackback, please do not consider even for a moment the perspective I represent. If a single blogger responds in this manner with a 100% positive thoughtful detailed response to each point, I will donate $100 to a charity of mutual agreement. Help keep monies in my pocket and away from a good cause by either excerising your right to remain silent or reverting to throwing daggers...

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