Sunday, July 02, 2006


Outstanding Question for Mathematicians on Algorithms

Curious to know if anyone knows the answers to any of the below questions?

1. I have always been curious about the algorithm behind how American Airlines and Sabre calculate reservation locators (e.g. XTRABF). Does anyone know the formula?

2. Also would love to know the algorithm behind US Airways frequent flyer numbers (e.g. 96E5BA8)

3. Has anyone checked out the Identity Based Encryption algorithms published by Stanford? Products such as Voltage are based on them. How would one go about finding weaknesses in this approach? Curious why Bruce Schniener has never commented in his blog on this particular technique?

4. The identity gang never seems to talk about the above. Would it make sense for it to be incorporated into Microsoft Exchange and Sun's product suites? I wonder if Kim Cameron has ever thought about it?

5. In order to protect data from leaking personally identifiable information using de-identification techniques, many folks are creating their own algorithms to shuffle data. I am curious if there is a way to quantify the strength of their techniques in a mathematical way?

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