Thursday, May 18, 2006


Why aren't more enterprise architects speaking at industry conferences?

Just returned from Infoworld conference and was thinking...

Why aren't more enterprise architects speaking at industry conferences. Figured the answer is best stated in multiple choice format:

a) Most conferences are sponsored by vendors who foot the vast majority of the expenses and therefore demand the ability for their CTO to present thinly veiled Powerpoint chock-a-block with eye candy but lacking substance.

b) Conference chairs (especially in the agile community) would love to invite them but are stuck in comprehensive documentation mode (aka call for papers) and don't actually practice face-to-face conversations with this demographic

c) Other attendees at conferences such as practitioners of Ruby would feel intimidated being in our presence.

d) Conference organizers practice a form of insular thinking and believe that we will attend any event simply to get out of the office and don't actually care to hear from our other peers in the industy.

I suspect that folks could come up with more options than I have listed. Would love to hear some of them...

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