Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Enterprise Architecture 2.0

Figured further enlightenment on the characteristics of enterprise architecture 2.0 and how it differs from current enterprise architecture practices were in order...

1.0 2.0
Abstract Authority Community
Project Oriented Management
Strong Technical Leadership
Comprehensive Documentation Working Software
Following a Plan Responding to Change
Governance Stewardship
Rationalization Innovation
Outsourcing Open Sourcing
NDA Declarative Living
Large Analyst Firms Small Analyst Firms
Management Leadership
ERP for IT Burndown
CMMi Agile Methods
Best Practices Practical Considerations
Reference Architectures Shared Vision
Time Accounting Functional Delivery Accounting
Buy vs. Build Buy vs. Build vs. Open
Project Oriented Service Oriented
Politics Diplomacy
Polarization Dialog
Buy-in Enlistment
Restrictions Rights
Cathedral Style Development Bazaar Style Development
Process People

In future blog entries, I will compare and contrast each element of enterprise architecture 2.0 and how one can form a mental model around each point. Likewise, I will point you to books and magazine articles that provide amplification on topics supportive of this notion.

If others have insight into emergent behavior in this space, please do not hesitate to either leave a comment and/or respond from your own blog. We do not mature as a profession until we start having honest open conversations amongst each other...

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