Wednesday, January 22, 2014


2014 Thoughts on Public Speaking...

Like most IT professionals, I too am an introvert. The key difference in me is that I am confident in my abilities to think on my feet and love the challenge of difficult questions asked by competitors, hecklers and jokers.I find immense reward in the opportunity to talk about things that interest me.

In 2014, like any other year I plan on speaking at four to six events on a various of IT topics.If you’d like to invite me to your event (and don’t already know my contact details) then I’d suggest contacting me using LinkedIn (I prefer introductions over connection requests). When contacting, share a little bit about why you think I would make for a great speaker for your event, a little about the event itself with an emphasis on who are the attendees and of course whether I will have to seek out work travel expense approval or whether you have that covered on my behalf.

I generally prefer events where there’s no pay to play and it’s my opinion that you’re after rather than a pseudo endorsement of my employer...

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