Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Dead from EMC World

I wonder how many enterprisey architects are busy being indoctrinated at the EMC World forgetting that many of the problems they face at work go unsolved...

Several bloggers are learning about DFS Best Practices and have heard the pitch that DFS supports WS-Security, yet it is guaranteed they will be ignored if they ask how SAML can be used where Documentum is a relying party.

I wonder how many hallway conversations are occuring regarding the need for ECM patterns. The Java community has J2EE Patterns, The SOA community has SOA Patterns and so on. Why is ECM the stepchild in the pattern community?

Likewise, how come the ECM community doesn't have a common reference implementation? J2EE has PetStore, in the security camp, the folks over at OWASP have created WebGoat and so on.

Of course, many will be amazed that if you want to integrate one product with another, you can do so as long as they are all from the same vendor! Not a single discussion will occur on being interoperable outside of the family. How about figuring out best practices for integrating BPM with ECM or ECM with XACML?

I am barking up the wrong tree. Who is James McGovern to be so bold as to point out deficiencies within the community? The best answer when you don't know the answer is to simply ignore the message and live in a dream world where everything is serene. Just never wake up...

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