Friday, May 25, 2007


Links for 2007-05-25

  • If Agile is so good, why isn't everyone doing it?
    Agile methods are important but outsourcing to countries who have zero ability to be agile is more important.

  • Service Adverse Architecture
    Todd Biske is right on the money by echoing the fact that companies who have mastery of SOA also have forward thinking management. I wonder if him and Joe McKendrick would define a litmus test so that others can characterize their own enterprise in terms of the management team?

  • What is the future of corporate IT?
    Dion Hincliffe carefully avoided predicting the characteristics of management and focused on the safer answer related to technology. The funny thing is that he believes folks will be still using usernames and passwords. I would hope that Cardspace 5.0 is in the future of his fictitious enterprise unless they won't look at it until industry analysts such as Gartner provide coverage. I suspect Management by Magazine will survive web 2.0...

  • Will enterprise 2.0 have its assholes 2.0
    I normally wouldn't link to a blog that has a politically incorrect word in it but this one is worth the read. A thoughtful analysis of behavior models in large enterprises is something to be noodled

  • Why you should encourage underachievement
    Folks in the Smalltalk community and those who advocate CMMI already have a head start

  • Who is holding SOA back: Business or IT?
    I wonder if Ronan Bradley will publicly acknowledge that SOA may be held back because of too much information being disseminated by both vendors and the industry analysts they pay that is simply too shallow to be useful. While vendors need to sell product, SOA adoption might accelerate if they changed their conversation to talk about the need for business architecture.

  • Microsoft funding development of open source
    I wonder if anyone could comment on recent funding provided to the open source community by BEA, EMC or Oracle?

  • Can a developer become a software architect?
    Microsoft provides answers to this question without acknowledging that the fastest path would be to work in a large enterprise where architect is more about a job grade than any adherence to a discipline

  • Shibboleth adds Cardspace support
    Kim Cameron shares how open source communities are rallying around Cardspace. I wonder if he has had a conversation with the folks from Netegrity (now CA) or Oblix (now Oracle)?

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