Friday, May 02, 2008


CommunityOne and why Sun is OK

James Governor of Redmonk provides an interesting perspective of Sun here but ignores some important considerations. I figured I would outline a few...

Do you believe that Windows is any less popular? I would argue that the adoption of Windows is growing. Pricing pressures are not the same as lack of adoption.

OK, how many Fortune enterprises are in San Francisco? How many CIOs do you think will attend CommunityOne? Do you acknowledge that there are more Fortune 100 Enterprises in the Hartford CT area than in San Francisco? If so, is this the right event in the wrong location?

If enterprises like to pay for software, shouldn't that be a hint to Sun that they need to do a better job at marketing to enterprises? When do you think the last time Sun provided a technical briefing to developers on my side of town? Bet you didn't know that Microsoft does this at least twice a month.

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