Saturday, September 08, 2007


Upcoming Speaking Engagements

I haven't spoken at an industry conference all year and am overdue to share enterprise perspectives with others. The funny thing is that I place way too many constraints on myself in terms of what events I will speak at.

For example, I absolutely refuse to present at either a Gartner or Forrester conference as they tend to be way too high level and I like to share more details. Likewise, I tend to avoid any of the O'Reilly conferences as they are jam-packed with lots of big names who happen to present well-polished but otherwise thinly-veiled sales pitches for the products they represent. I also tend to avoid conferences held in locations on the left coast because I have encountered way too much turbulence in the past and tend to freak out in a way that is not tolerable post 911.

The funny thing is that I have only spoken once outside of the United States and would love the opportunity to speak in India, Brazil or in the Middle East. Anyway, I will be at the Technology Managers Forum on October 18th in New York City followed up by the Tulsa Tech Fest the following day. If you will be in attendance, drop me a note so we can hook up...

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