Wednesday, August 08, 2007


More Links 2007-08-08

  • Corporate Executive Board Takes Over
    The funny thing is that I haven't heard analysts such as James Governor or the folks over at Tekrati talk about the rising influence of the CEB. They seem to be the biggest threat to Gartner's current business model

  • ECM and Standards
    It is good to see that the number two open source portal is embracing standards. I am curious though where they think new ones should be created?

  • ECM Security Standards, Continued...
    I would love to meet Brian Huff one day as his insights are invaluable. His question: Should we follow SAML/XACML because its a standard, or OpenID/SXIP because they are (fairly) open source, simple, and usable right now? says that I have to support the direction of SAML/XACML because those are the technologies that enterprise use where you will not find a business application using either OpenID/SXIP due to lack of security. I do know that folks in the OpenID community are working towards making it better though. I am curious why you didn't mention CardSpace?

  • Open Source Equivalent to Microsoft Project
    I think this will help enterprises save a few bucks on the creation of poorly thought out project plans created by PMI-certified project managers who don't know shit from shinola. Now if we could only figure out ways to make project management as a discipline better at it is horrible today

  • HP Color LaserJet 2600n Printer
    I am in need of a new printer. If someone in the blogosphere is generous and have the desire to send me gifts, I will surely accept this one.

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