Saturday, August 04, 2007


Links for 2007-08-04

  • Simplifying/Consolidating versus Managing
    I am surprised that Pat Patterson, Don Bowen or others have shared their perspective?

  • Open Source builds communities, not software
    Here is a thoughtful posting by Pat Patterson regarding Sun and the advantages that Sun sees in terms of building communities in an open way. I am curious though if he truly believes in what he wrote, why isn't he advocating other Sun products such as Sun Identity Manager to also become open source?

  • SOA and Simple Heads
    Noted Industry Analyst Michael Cote of Redmonk compares large enterprisey customers to small ones. I wonder if he would be willing to publicly acknowledge that it is a less evil idea to purchase a registry if you only have four services than purchasing a commercial ESB

  • Who entitled me anyway?
    Could you add Sun, BmC and EMC to your list of software vendors who need to understand and embrace entitlements?

  • IAM System Idealism and Legacy Reality
    I have two thoughts on this posting with the first being that RACF can expose itself via LDAP and the second being that before an enterprise embarks on IAM and has a mainframe, they should consider leveraging RACF not only for authentication but also authorization within mainframe applications

  • Why Hard Coding Entitlements into the application is bad
    I wonder if folks in the entitlements space could write a posting as to why ACL-based approaches are no longer appropriate mechanisms within enterprise applications especially ECM and BPM platforms?

  • Excellent Documentum Consultant Available
    This doesn't feel like someone I would hire. I suspect Laurence Hart would probably pass as well

  • 30 Years for Online Pharmacy Spammer
    So, you get arrested for running an illegal online pharmacy and the judge orders you to stop selling medication over the Internet. Don't sit around and do nothing before the trial! Run off to the Dominican Republic on a false passport, withdraw money from an account ordered frozen, and start up another online 'pharmacy. He should have instead travelled to Trinidad

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