Wednesday, July 11, 2007


More Links for 2007-07-11

  • Turning Bottom-Up Upside Down
    Todd Biske provides his own perspective on what bottoms up really means within an enterprise context. Worthy of your read

  • Thoughts on Boutique Consulting Firms
    If you need expertise in Documentum, Lombardi Software, Blaze or other enterprise products should you use a large outsourcing firm or instead prefer a boutique consulting firm?

  • Dawn of SOBA?
    I wonder if Jason and Ron of ZapThink are familar with many of the boutique consulting firms in the SOA space and could figure out a mutually beneficial relationship?

  • Who to Blame in Outsourcing
    Great article on who to blame for outsourcing failure. My perspective says that if an IT executive fails at outsourcing that we should celebrate his failure by American IT employees sending him gift certificates to nice places

  • ECM Standards
    I surely hope that other ECM bloggers will join the conversation

  • Why don't Microsoft's own sites support CardSpace
    If there were ever a post that Kim Cameron should respond to, this is it

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