Thursday, July 19, 2007


Elegant Avoidance

I love the quote by Craig Randall describing my blogging style as incite-to-gain-insight as it is 100% accurate. Maybe the issue at hand is that vendors want to understand more about business value where folks in large enterprises use standards as a proxy for them. One requirement may be that there is extensive business value in having an ECM system single signon where it leverages an artifact produced by the BPM system and the only thing that the BPM system can support is a standard called SAML. Maybe the BPM system doesn't even leverage any type of LDAP repository nor do I want to get into any mode of where I either have to provide feeds of any kind to the ECM nor even have the ability to use the data since it is too dynamic and the solution calls for asserting it at runtime.

Since the original thread was all about ECM converging with Enterprise Security, maybe Craig could tell me how Documentum could specifically support SAML not only for SSO but also support the notion of attribute assertion (out of the box) so that I don't have to store anything. Response to this question would definitely put Craig back on track...

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