Sunday, May 13, 2007


Links for 2007-05-13

  • Another sideways look at Agile
    An absolutely brilliant posting by JP Rangaswami that made me think why I haven't been championing agile lately. His statement: But there’s no Agile without active and enthusiastic business participation is spot on. Developers can do pair programming and XP all day but this doesn't mean much without the business. Lately, initiatives such as SoX, PCI and the laundry list of enterprise concerns have done a lot to not only distract from being agile but have put up barriers to even implementing it. Maybe this speaks to why the signatories of the agile manifesto are all IT consultants and not CIOs and Enterprise Architects?

  • Enterprise Architecture and Change Management
    As the business grows and evolves, so should the architecture governing its systems and processes. All things should evolve and all things should grow in terms of maturity but not necessarily size

  • Federal Government Enterprise Architecture and GAO
    The GAO reported DHS Enterprise Architecture Continues to Evolve but Improvements Needed. The problem with this statement is that all enterprise architectures continue to evolve and need improvement. What they didn't discuss were the parts of the practices that are flawed from inception that should be abandoned such as the passion around Zachman classified comprehensive documentation that provides little value

  • Sun and OpenID
    Glad to see a blogger keeping the folks at Sun honest when it comes to PR around OpenID. Paul Madsen should have asked similar questions of Conor Cahill and the AOL initiatives

  • How Indian Outsourcing Firms encourage Bad Software Development Practices
    I wonder which firm is most guilty?

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